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Bed Bugs Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Are bed bugs nightmare to your family?

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You want to get rid and kill bed bugs?

Don't let bed bugs invade your peace!

Talk to our customer care now at between 9.00 A.M - 5.00 P.M. Or send e-mail at

Bangalore - Call Now : 9880290570 / 7259311555 - Landline: +91 80 49536872 / 73



Residential Customers Please Read This Before Booking!

  1. Keep safe the prepared food items.
  2. Please engage your kids below 5 Years outside for 2-3 hours.
  3. You can re-arrange the items (if any items moved) back after 3 to 4 hours.
  1. We will spray chemicals (herbal on request).
  2. The time taken for treatment will be an hour for 2 BHK and 3BHK.

* Treatment can be carried anytime of the day. Herbal Pesticides are human and pet safe, please follow operators instructions.

Bed Bugs are the most annoying nightmare creatures at night times. The bed bug injects an anti-coagulant chemical into the bloodstream of its host which prevents the blood from clotting, which allows the bed bugs to suck out the blood until it is fully engorged. Next day morning, you can notice dots of blood in a line on bed sheets. This blood stain has a very sick odor. You can also find dried blood deposits around cracks in the bed, walls, bed-head, flooring, bedside furniture and mattress.

Threats of Bed Bugs:

Not only you loose sleep, you might have an adverse skin reaction to the bite of bed bugs. The resulting irritancy of the anti-coagulant chemical around the bite site can be severe, particularly to people with soft sensitive skin. Scratching is difficult to resist but this can cause infection of the bite area.

Schedule pest control service for Bed Bugs at Bangalore

Varna pest control will engage to ensure safe effective control of a bed bug infestation. Firstly, we do a thorough inspection of the area of infestation before proceeding with control procedures. We use specialized equipment with a variety of insecticide formulations depending upon the circumstances.


  • All clothing’s, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, fabrics and hangings must laundered after insecticidal treatment.
  • Seal all gaps in furniture, floor boards and cracks in wallpaper and other such areas where bed bugs can hide during the day light hours.
  • High standards of sanitation and hygiene, helps as an on-going preventive measure.
  • The entire premises should be inspected regularly for signs of bed bug infestation.


  • Do NOT attempt do-it-yourself pest control using a surface spray on bed-linen or mattress.
  • Using bed bug pesticide on your own could be a DANGER to the health and safety of your family or occupants.
Frequently Asked Question for Bed Bugs Treatment
  1. What are the kinds of treatment for bed bugs?
    Answer: We provide chemical spray and herbal treatment.

  2. What is the time taken for the bed bugs treatment?
    Answer: The time taken for bed bugs treatment will be less then 1 hour for 2 BHK.

  3. Where all the treatments will be given?
    Answer: The chemical spray will be sprayed in bedrooms and other rooms as well, except kitchen.

  4. Do we need to move any items, while treatment?
    Answer: Not required to move any items for the chemical spray.

  5. What is the warranty period?
    The warranty period is for 45 days for onetime treatment and full warranty for AMC contract.

  6. Can the kids stay at the treatment time?
    Answer: Chemicals are not toxic, but if you feel like, please engage your kids outside for 2-3 hours.