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Car Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent - VARNA CAR CARE

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Varna Car Care - an Ultrasonic Auto Rodent Repellent product specially designed to emit high decible ultrasonic waves between 20 Khz and 50 khz sound variations that can effectively repel rodents from your car. The sound is completely not audible to human ears, so there no chance of you hearing any noise from the car.

  • Simple Installation
  • Connect directly to the battery with provided wire.
  • Low Power Consumption (Just around 1 Unit per month)
  • Will not affect other automobile parts or engine.
  • Does not make noise which you can hear.
  • Auto OFF feature while ignition is ON.
  • Safe with non rodent pets and kids
  • All our products are CE Certified in accordance with EN 60255-26:2009, BS EN 60255-22-7:2003 (European Health & Safety Standards)

Auto Rodent Repellent Specification:

Power Supply 12 Volts DC
Coverage Area Bonnet Area
Power Consumption     Below 60 mW ( 1 Unit per month)
Ultrasonic Frequency Above and variation of 20 KHz (Not Audible to Humans)
Weight 300 Grams
Size 17.5cm X 8.5cm and Thickness 4cm
Sound Output 80 – 110 dB (Not Audible to Humans)
Our Auto Rodent Repellents have several advantages:
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  1. It does not kill
    The electronic car repellent creates hostile environment to rodents, and forces them out from your vehicle engine area with sound waves that create intense auditory stress. Since our rodent repeller doesn't kill the mouse, you never come in contact with dead rat.
  2. It is Safe to your automobile
    Our electronic repellent will not interfere with other parts or engine functionalities.
  3. One time and easy Installing
    You need to just install once with a help of mechanic or by yourself if you are familiar with car engine area and parts. (It is recommended to install by a professional).
  4. Power consumption from your battery
    The repellent power consumption from your battery is very low, it will not have any undesirable effect by bringing your battery down. The power consumption is 1 Unit per month if it is working continously.
  5. Auto Off – Varna Car Care will go OFF while you turn ON the ignition. And it will start working immediately when you turn OFF the ignition and protect your car in any parking area. Usually rats get into a car engine area while it is parked in rat infested areas.
  6. AC Power Option (On Request Only)
    If you would prefer to draw electricity from nearby AC power point for long time parking (more than a week), we will provide external adaptor at an extra cost.
How to Install or Place the Units
  1. Fix the unit inside the Bonnet, visibly outside, SPEAKER FACING UPWARDS to rebound the ultrasonic sound throughout the bonnet area evenly. Please make sure the speaker is not obstructed and do not hid between any engine area.
  2. Keep the unit away from the engine area.
  3. Red Wire has to be connected to Positive Terminal of the Car battery
  4. Black Wire has to be connected to Negative Terminal of the Car Battery
  5. Please check the unit functionality by pressing “Red Button”, you will hear a loud sound.
  6. Green wire has to be connected to Ignition Terminal. (Optional)
  7. If your car bonnet lid has heat insulation or heat proof layer (when you open your car bonnet you can see the black layer), face the speaker towards any metallic part of the engine.
Repellent comes with a warranty of one year against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The unit will be repaired under warranty only if all the usage instructions mentioned above have been followed and the unit is neither tampered with nor damaged in anyway.
Here’s what our customer is saying:
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I have been using the Varna Rat Repellent from past two years it’s a wonderful product, before using the repellent I had to take my car service for wire cutting related issue due to rat malice, but after using their product the rat entering the car has been drastically decreased. It’s a wonderful product without any side effects. I strongly recommend it.
Mr.Gigi Samuel, Director, Dreamart Interactive, Bangalore

Recently (June, 2012), I had purchased a car model rodent control manufactured by M/s Varna Pest control Bangalore. The equipment is really a boon to the owners who are parking their cars on roads due lack of parking facilities. Really the instrument is working extraordinarily and after installation I don’t find any rat issues, whereas prior to installation I had changed my petrol pipe thrice within a month.
Mr.Dutta Shivaram KS, Chemical and Metallurgical Superindent, Railwheel Factory, Bangalore.

I was having tremendous problems of rats getting into my car’s engine compartment and destroying wires pipes etc. I tried every thing to keep the rats away but failed. In a months time I had three instances of rats chewing the wiring and the wiper washer hoses and I had to spend around Rs. 5000/to get it repaired. That was the time I decided to do something about the rat menance in my car. I surfed the net and came up with the name of Varna pest control. I contacted them and bought a rat repeller from them. I got it fitted in my car at my regular workshop but I was skeptical about it’s working. Wonder of wonders it works!

There has been no further damage from rats to my car since I fitted the “Varna rat repeller” about three months ago. I know that this rat repeller is really worth the money you pay for it. Incidentally I am a retired automobile engineer who has worked in India and abroad on all types of vehicles and I can vouch that the repeller works very well.
Mr.Joseph Peter Tauro, Automobile Engineer

I have started parking in the same place – it’s been two weeks since and there is no issue. More>>
Mr.Shankar H, Volkswagen Polo Owner

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Indian Customers - Visit Our Exclusive Online Store to Buy Online >>
International Customers - USD $ 59.95